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On-Snow - Dryland - Video

One of the nation's most coveted coaches and noted industry leader in children's teaching methods,  Dave and Tami Lyon hand-select the coaching staff to meet their rigorous  standards for excellence.  Must haves for coaching staff; PSIA Level 3 instructor certification, or USSA coaches certification, Nor-Am, college level or above experienced athlete.  Additional education in children and adult teaching methodology is also required.

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Camp House - Dryland

Our counselors are chosen for their ability to connect with and mentor youth as positive role models.  Counselors are aged 18 and above.  They share a love for skiing and most often are retired racers or current ski instructors.



Mentor - Meals - Values

Our camp "moms" provide the love and guidance necessary to be sure everyone feels appreciated, is seen and has a great time.  They lead all the logistics of camp, so our coaches and counselors can do what they do best.

Summer Camp


Dave is one of the many inspirations in my life. During my career of skiing Dave has not only coached me to be a successful racer, but he has also taught me many life lessons. Most importantly Dave has always been a role model of hard work, kindness, and fairness. One of the most influential things he ever told me was “Lucas, the only thing that you can control in life is attitude and effort.” I have brought this meaningful quote and lesson from skiing to my academics and to other sports. My love of skiing has gifted me with not only talent but strong character.

-Lucas T.