Summer Camp  ON SNOW

Skiing in the summer,on a glacier,on Mt. Hood...it definitely doesn't get much better than that.


Skiing at Timberline in the summer is an international event.  Racers, pro-athletes, and mountaineers from around the world converge to take advantage of skiing after winter resorts are closed.  We will be skiing next to (and riding the chair with) Olympians, X-Games Champions and being coached by the coaches who coach the pros.

To take advantage of the best snow conditions, we load the chair by 7:30 am and are off the hill before 1:00 pm when temperatures are too high to ski on and preserve the base.

Snow conditions are variable and ever changing.  As is the weather!  We have experienced everything from 100 degree temps to 6 inches of new snow and freezing rain, sometimes all in the same week...once in the same day.

Skiing at Hood in the summer is not like visiting your local ski area.  The only terrain open is on the glacier.  We ski in a "lane" assigned just to us.  We will free ski in our lane and the public lane, as well as doing drills and exercises to improve our skiing.  We will video everyone's skiing the first two days of camp and share that with campers with additional coaching to maximize improvement.


We will form groups based on age and pace.  We have the opportunity to combine groups with our other camps to be sure everyone gets what they need.


To access the glacier we sometimes are required to load the first chair carrying our skis, depending on temps and snow melt. When we are able to wear our skis from the bottom, we put our skis on in the carpeted lift house.  We will help campers navigate these unusual experiences.  We will ask for your help and support by practicing at home.