• When will the ski area open?  Typically the ski area will open once a base of approximately 36" of snow is established with a favorable weather outlook.

  • Do you have an office I can come to? No, we do not have an office in town you can come to.  You can reach us by phone or email.  At the mountain you can find us in our meeting area just past Kehr's chair or in the upper floor of the Pacific Crest Lodge (look for our sign.)

  • When is my balance due? At time of registration



  • Can I request an instructor?  Yes, please use the special request box in the registration form to request your preference.

  • How do I know who my instructor is?  You will receive an email the day before lessons with your instructor's name and your class assignment or you can see one of our supervisors (orange flag) in our meeting area before class the first day.  They will have a complete listing of class assignments.

  • How are classes formed? Classes are formed based on pace, then ability level and age.  First day assignments will be made based on the ability level you have noted adjusted to the comments from your instructor the year prior.  We will do a careful reassessment the first two weeks of lessons to reassign students as possible to form closely paced groups.

  • How many students are in each class? For students aged 6 and under we will provide one Lyon staff member for every 2 or 3 students (except the Parent-Tot class).  For students aged 7 through adult, the average class size is 7.

  • Can I request to be with friends in class? Yes.  Please make your request in the special request box on your registration form.  If friends are of different skill/ability the lower level class will be assigned. We will try to accommodate up to 2 friend requests.  Larger groups wishing to be in class together should contact us directly for semi-private group lessons.

  • What do I put for my students ability level? Make your best guess assessment of your student’s ability level and choose the ability level descriptor that is closest. Choosing an ability level that is TOO HIGH for your child is unsafe! Please error on the conservative side for the first week.  We will do an assessment and shuffle classes to insure the best possible learning environment for your child and make sure the class moves at an optimal pace for their skill/adventurousness.

  • What are the qualifications of your instructors? We do over 40 hours of training for our instructors each season and select only the most highly competent based upon their proven skill in clinics.  Our staff is PSIA certified and tested on safely and risk management annually.

  • What are the ages of your instructors?  We have instructors of all ages, teen to adult.

  • How does the waitlist work? In mid-December we will do an assessment of our staffing and open additional classes if possible.  We will place students into class in order of the waitlist. If there is a spot for you, we will contact you directly by email and/or phone.  You will have 24 hours to claim the spot from the time we send the notification, before we move to the next person in line.   Payment will be due upon acceptance, according to our registration guidelines.  There is no fee for being placed on the waitlist. 



  • Where should I park? ARRIVE EARLY! Parking lots fill and cars are turned away, so be sure and arrive plenty early for class.  The closest lot to our meeting area is the paid lot, but any open lot provides access to the base area.

  • Where do I meet my class? Our classes form in our meeting area, just past Kehr’s (Big Chief) chair, downhill from the Yurt.

  • What happens at lunch? Students are returned to our meeting area and must be picked-up at their instructor’s sign within our corral by a parent for lunch.

  • Where do I pick up my student after class? At their instructor’s sign in the meeting area corral.

  • What do I do if we are late? We do not hold classes for late students.  If you would like to try and catch your class, check-in at the meeting area to see if your instructor left a notice for you as to where to find them their first run.

  • Who do I call if we are going to miss class? Please contact your instructor directly if you are going to miss class.

  • What if I get lost from class?  We have a number of processes and procedures in place to assure classes stay together however, it is the student's responsibility to listen carefully to all directions given by their instructor and to know where to stop and gather.  If you get lost from class, go directly to the bottom of the chair your class last rode and wait for your instructor to come to you.  Note: it can take upwards of 30 minutes for a class to cycle around to the bottom of the chair.



  • Are lift tickets included in the lesson price? No, lift tickets are not included in the ticket price.

  • Do we need Lift tickets to take lessons? Yes, if you take lessons you will need a lift ticket.

  • Are lift tickets included in the transportation price? No, lift tickets are not included in the transportation price.

  • Do I need lift tickets if I am riding the bus? Yes, if you plan to ski or ride you will need a lift ticket to access the chairlifts.

  • How do I purchase lift tickets? Lift tickets may be purchased through Stevens Pass http://www.stevenspass.com/site/passes/winter-tickets/daily-lift-ticket-rates

  • I am a first time beginner, do I need lift tickets? Yes, we expect first time beginners to ride the chair during the first class.  For young children (ages 3-6) first timer’s it may take longer to be ready for the chair.  Check with their instructor for the chair plan. 

  • How much is a Season’s Pass?  For current season’s pass pricing check the Stevens Pass website www.stevenspass.com

  • What’s the best deal for buying lift tickets?  For current season’s pass pricing check the Stevens Pass website www.stevenspass.com

  • Does the lesson price include equipment? No, lessons do not include equipment.

  • Does the transportation price include equipment?  No, transportation pricing does not include equipment.

  • Where should I go for equipment? We recommend you rent your equipment from a local ski shop, rather than at the mountain.  There is not time before lessons to stand in the rental line and if your size is out, you will miss class.

  • What is a season’s lease? A season’s lease is a cost-effective program offered by local shops where you lease equipment from them for the season.  You order it now and once it has been sized for you, you keep it until the ski areas close in the spring.

  • Do I need poles? Skiers aged 7 to adult will use poles.  Younger skiers aged 3 to 6, most likely will not use poles unless they are full-time parallel.  Snowboarders do not need poles.

  • Are helmets required?  Helmets are not required.  We suggest you research the benefit of helmet use and make the choice that is right for your family.



  • Will I ride the chair in class? Yes, once you have learned to link turns and stop independently, you will ride the chair.

  • Who will I ride the chair with? You will ride the chair with other students from class and sometimes with your instructor.  We cannot and do not guarantee every child will ride with the instructor each time, nor that they will ride with an adult.

  • Will there be an adult on the chair with my child? You will ride the chair with other students from class and sometimes with your instructor.  We cannot and do not guarantee every child with ride with the instructor each time, nor with an adult.



  • Can I bring a friend on the bus? Drop-in's are no longer taken.

  • Can I drop-in or buy just a couple trips on the bus?  Drop-in's are no longer taken.

  • Can I be on the same bus as my friends? We take friend requests and will do everything mathematically possible to get you on the bus with at least one friend.  Use the special request box during registration to make a friend request.

  • Can I ride up to the mountain on the bus, but not ride home? Yes, with restrictions.  Minors must provide a signed note a loading name the adult (21 years+) or parent that will be taking them home.  The adult (21 years +) or parent taking the student home must come to the chaperone table in the Pacific Crest Lodge 1 hour before the buses scheduled departure to sign the note verifying they have the student.  ID will be required before we can release the student.

  • Can I ride the bus home if I did not ride it to the mountain? Yes, with restrictions.  If you wish to ride the bus down, but did not ride up, you need to report to the chaperone table in the Pacific Crest Lodge no later than 1 hour prior to bus departure to alert the chaperones you will be riding home, even though you were marked absent on the way up.  Failure to follow this procedure may result in the bus leaving without you.

  • How old do I have to be to ride the bus? You must be in at least 3rd grade to ride the bus without a parent or guardian.

  • Can I take Transportation Only?  Students aged 6th grade and above with demonstrated skiing or snowboarding proficiency may take transportation only.  A proficiency test will be administered your first week.  Failure to pass the test will require enrollment in lessons.  Additional fees will be required.

  • Can I eat and drink on the bus? Yes.  See the “Guidelines for Participation.”

  • Do the buses have bathrooms? Yes.

  • Who are the bus chaperones? Chaperones are adult aged (21 years +).  They are recruited from the administrative, teaching and parent populations of the school districts we serve.



  • What if it is raining?  Skiing and snowboarding are winter sports.  Be prepared to ski or ride in all types of weather, including rain.

  • What if school is canceled in my school district? LYON Ski School operates independent of school district calendars.

  • What if it is snowing where I live and the roads are bad?  Winter driving conditions are an expectation of participation, therefore are not a reason we would cancel our operations.

  • What if the highway is closed?  If we have to cancel lessons for road closure, we will extend the schedule to the week following the planned last day of ski school, for each cancellation.

  • What happens if the ski area opens late or doesn’t open this season?  It is our intention to operate according to our commitment to you, a planned schedule of 7 consecutive weeks.  We will push back the start date or add days to the end of the schedule to make-up for a late start or cancelled sessions.  In the event we are unable to complete all sessions, a prorated refund of up to 50% of the lessons and/or transportation fee will be given, less the $50 administrative fee.