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Summer Day Camp FAQ's


  • Do you have an office I can come to? No, we do not have an office in town you can come to.  You can reach us by phone or email.  At the mountain you can find us in the Wy'East lodge from 6:45 am to 7:30am.

  • When is my balance due? At time of registration.


  • What are the lodging accommodations? Day campers are responsible for securing their own lodging and parent supervision.  

  • What happens for meals? Day campers are responsible for their own meals.

  • As a day camper, where do I drop-off and pick-up my camper each day? Day campers should be dropped off inside the main doors of the Wy'East lodge located at the Timberline ski area. Pick-up is at the same location. Drop-off and pick-up for day campers aged 13 and below, MUST be a direct hand-off between a Lyon camp representative and parent/guardian.

  • What do I do if we are late? We do not hold classes for late students.  If you would like to try and catch your class, check-in at the meeting area to see if your instructor left a notice for you as to where to find them their first run.

  • Who do I call if we are going to miss class? Please contact your instructor directly if you are going to miss class.

  • What if a camper gets separated from their group?  We have a number of processes and procedures in place to assure groups stay together however, it is the camper's responsibility to listen carefully to all directions given by their coach and to know where to stop and gather.  Campers should have a cell phone if possible.


  • What is the planned daily schedule for camp?

  • Wake-up, breakfast: 5:30-6:00 am

  •  Arrive Timberline Wy’East Lodge 6:45 am

  • Pick-up tickets: 6:45 to 7:00 am (from Camp representative)

  • Chair loads/warm-up:  7:00 to 7:45 am

  • Training 8:00 am to 12:00 noon. 


  • Is there a camp packing list? Click here for a detailed packing list.


  • Can I request a coach?  All campers will have exposure to all coaches.

  • How do I know who my coach is?  We will announce groups and coaches at the kick-off meeting the first evening of camp.

  • How are groups formed? Groups are formed based on pace, then ability level and age. 

  • How many campers are in each group? Group sizes will be fluid and depend on enrollment.

  • Can I request to be with friends in a group? Yes.  Please make your request in the special request box on your registration form.  If friends are of different skill/ability the lower level class will be assigned.

  • What do I put for my participants ability level? Make your best guess assessment of your student’s ability level and choose the ability level descriptor that is closest. Choosing an ability level that is TOO HIGH for your child is unsafe! Please error on the conservative side.  For Summer Camp at Mt. Hood, the terrain is limited and can be fairly steep, very icy, and variable as the day gets later.  Participants much be solid intermediates, Lyon Ski School Level C/D and above only, who skied ALL intermediate terrain at Stevens Pass with ease. 

  • What are the qualifications of your coaches? Our summer camp staff are all PSIA Level 3 certified, or with equivalent skill level or collegiate and above level ski competitors.

  • What are the ages of your coaches?  Our coaches are adult aged.  Counselors are young adults, 18 years+.

  • How does the waitlist work? We will continually assess enrollment against lodging, registered participants, and staffing capacity. If there is a spot for you, we will contact you directly by email and/or phone.  You will have 24 hours to claim the spot from the time we send the notification, before we move to the next person in line.   Payment will be due upon acceptance, according to our registration guidelines.  There is no fee for being placed on the waitlist. 


  • Are lift tickets included in the camp? Yes, lift tickets are included in the camp prices. 

  • Do we need Lift tickets to ski at Timberline? Yes.

  • Are lift tickets included in the transportation price? No, lift tickets are not included in the transportation price.

  • How do I get my lift ticket? Lift tickets will be handed out each morning at the Wy'East lodge at Timberline Ski Area.  See the Lyon camp representative for y our ticket.

  • Does the camp price include equipment? No, camp does not include equipment.

  • Where should I go for equipment? Campers must provide their own equipment.  Check with your local ski shop regarding off-season rental opportunities.

  • Do I need poles? Yes, campers need poles.  Campers not currently skiing with poles do meet meet the minimum skill requirements of camp.

  • Are helmets required?  Yes, helmets are required.



  • Do I wear my skis on the chair? Depending on snow conditions campers may be required to carry their skis to load the chair.

  • Who will I ride the chair with? You will ride the chair with other campers and sometimes with your coach.  We cannot and do not guarantee every camper will ride with the coach each time. Campers must be competent chair riders to participant in camp.

  • Will there be an adult on the chair with my child? We cannot and do not guarantee every child with ride with a coach on the chair.



  • What are the transportation options to and from camp? Day campers and parent fees do not include transportation.  For campers lodging with the c


  • What if it is raining?  Be prepared to ski and participate in dryland activities in all types of weather, including rain, snow, and high summer temperatures.

  • What happens if the ski area opens late or doesn’t open during camp?  If the ski area is on weather delay, we will start lessons when the lifts open.  If there is a weather cancellation, will substitute on-snow time for indoor activities or special trips to Portland or Hood River.  Lift ticket fees for a day missed off-snow will be applied toward the additional expenses of our back-up plan.  In the case there are no additional expenses, lift ticket fees would be refunded.